Diplomat Defined

  • A Foreign Office employee officially engaged as a diplomat; a person, or organization that is astute and tactful in any negotiation or relationship. This website attempts to conform to the second definition in the form of Public Diplomacy (see below).

Diplomacy Defined

  • Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to issues of peacemaking, trade, economics, culture, environment and human rights. The most common types of diplomacy: Political Diplomacy; Economic Diplomacy; Public Diplomacy; and, Soft Diplomacy.

Contents - July 2014

  • GLOBAL CENTRE STAGE: Brazil's World Cup - Who Gains and Who Loses?

    Although Brazil has promoted its hosting of the World Cup as an affirmation of its status as a world political and economic power, it appears likely that the event will do more to harm its international image, its tourism and its economy than it will to boost them. Read more...

  • COVER STORY: At the Heart of South Asian Diplomacy

    The change of government in India, marked by the return of single party majority after a long gap, has opened up new opportunities and promises in domestic politics as well as the foreign policy arena. Read more...

  • Focus: Russia-India Space Cooperation - The Sky is Not the Limit

    The Russia-India relationship has evolved into an equal partnership Read more...

  • Spotlight: Asia-Pacific Security - An Australian Perspective

    Australia is as concerned about the evolution of relations between major powers in the western Pacific as any of its neighbours. Read more...

  • India's Strategic Strengths: A New Chapter in Defence and Strategic Ties

    As India under the premiership of Narendra Modi and Russia under President Vladimir Putin assert their position in the international arena, they will also revisit and reset their existing bilateral relationship and help each other expand their Sphere of Influence with tactic support at the strategic and operational level. Read more...

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