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  • Orange Lion And Saffron Tiger - Brainstorm in a Boardroom

    What springs to mind when one mentions 'The Netherlands' and 'India' in the same sentence is, without a doubt, an extensive list of contrasting characteristics. The sheer size, population, geography, culture, weather, history, languages; and the scale of the economy, society and the political systems are on the opposing ends of the spectrum.


  • India and France: Growing Ties

    Traditionally, the bilateral relations between India and France have been close and friendly. There has been a significant progress in all areas of bilateral cooperation through regular high-level exchanges at the Head of State/Head of Government levels. Both countries have been cooperating in strategic areas such as defence, counter-terrorism, nuclear energy and space.


  • Bangladesh: A Prospective Economy with Sustained Growth

    Following the years after independence in 1971, Bangladesh turned into a case of survival. Western economists viewed the country as a test case of development. Many found its separation from Pakistan as imprudent, and many expected to see the country slide into the crowd of the failed states for years to come.

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Bavaria is the largest state in the Federal Republic of Germany. Over 12 million people live and work at an area spread over 70,000 square kilometres, divided into seven administrative districts.



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