‘Echo of Kyrgyzstan’ in India

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The dance and musical group ‘Echo of Kyrgyzstan’ will be visiting India (Delhi, Kolkata, Goa) from January 18-25, 2016.

Project Leader: Mr. Z.A. Moldobakirov, Head, ‘Department of Choreography’ of Kyrgyz National Conservatory named after K. Moldobasanov.

Name: Dance and musical group ‘Echo of Kyrgyzstan’

Brief Description: The group consists of the best musicians and dancers of Kyrgyzstan. This group has performed in many governmental concerts and national competitions and festivals, as well as abroad in countries such as Turkey, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, etc.

Items to be presented at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi on January 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm

1. ‘Esimde’ female lyrical dance;

2. ‘Echo of Kyrgyzstan’ musical performance of duo;

3. ‘Mankurt’ based on work of Chyngyz Aitmatov, dance performance by Erlan Kamytbekov, author of dance;

4. ‘Kyrgyz Jeri’ musical performance, solo (saxophone);

5. Potpourri on Indian melodies - Performance by duo of Piano and saxophone;

6. ‘Komuzchu’ dance performance by boys and girls

(i) Dance performance ‘Kurosh’ performed by E. Kamytbekov

(ii) Bishkekchanin (resident of Bishkek city) Song

Description of Musical Performances:

1. ‘Esimde’ girl lyrical dance - In this dance, the beauty of women is shown as well as girl rituals, elements of movement, plastics, grace, dance is performed slowly and beautifully, showing lyrics, happiness and love, etc;

2. ‘Echo of Kyrgyzstan’ musical performance - This performance shows the beauty of the mountains of the Kyrgyz ‘Ala-Too’ and the nature, the character of the Kyrgyz zhigit (young fellow), racing horses, and national games;

3. ‘Mankurt’ dance performance (solo): Based on the work of the great Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov, it is about the poor boy who was made to forget his mother by the enemies;

4. ‘Kyrgyz Jeri’: Musical performance about the beauty of Lake Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul and the nature of Kyrgyz jailoo, waterfalls, etc.

5. Potpourri on Indian melodies: It’s a surprise from Kyrgyz artists;

6. ‘Komuzchu’ dance performance: Performance by boys and girls shows Kyrgyz national youth games and imitate the play ‘komuz’;

(i) Dance performance ‘Kurosh’: Wrestling of 2 fellows.

(ii) Bishkekchanin (resident of Bishkek city) Song

Composition of the troupe members are as follows:

(i) Mr. Zarylbek Aldazharbekovich Moldobakirov

(ii) Mr. Marat Zhunushov

(iii) Mr. Nurlan Zhunushov

(iv) Mr. Erlan Shabdanbekovich Kamytbekov

(v) Ms. Kaiyrgul Talgarbekovna Zhakshylykova

(vi) Ms. Elvira Bolotbekovna Ishenova

(vii) Mr. Talant Bekishov

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