London School of Economics Accepts 25 Bangaloreans!

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The London School of Economics accepted 25 Bangaloreans to study various programs. The send-off was held on August 12, 2016 with the British Deputy High Commissioner Mr. Dominic McAllister as the chief guest.

Silicon Valley of India, Information Technology Hub, Garden City – These are just some of the names that the city of Bangalore is known for.

Recently, 25 Bangaloreans were accepted by the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE), adding another feather in the city’s cap. India’s well-known names such as Dr Amartya Sen, K R Narayanan, Jyoti Basu, Dr B R Ambedkar, Krishna Menon, among others, are just some of the names that have been LSE alumni.

The city organised a send-off for these 25 students to LSE, gateway to learning and research and a temple of finance and economics. The Chief Guest for the event was the British Deputy High Commissioner Dominic McAllister.

The send-off was part of a pre-departure programme that is carried out in over 30 countries worldwide; it helps students in understanding and preparing for the challenges ahead.

Karnvir Singh Mundrey, Chapter Leader, LSE Alumni Bangalore said, “It is an opportunity of a lifetime and the alumni in India and in over 80 countries create a network forever.”

The celebrated institution was founded in the last leg of 1800s by the Fabian Society members - Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Graham Wallas and George Bernard Shaw with the aim of contributing towards a better society.

With 26 departments that include mathematics, statistics, law, media, human geography, public affairs and international history, the LSE is known for its excellence in research and teaching.

LSE and India share a unique bond, so much so, that one Indian leader said, “There is a vacant chair at every cabinet meeting in India reserved for the ghost of Professor Harold Laski.”

LSE’s Professor Harold Laski is said to have influenced names such as K R Narayanan, Krishna Menon and Jawaharlal Nehru. About 300 Indians make it to the London School of Economics every year.

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