An agonising wait, will Nigerian schoolgirls be back?

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Nigerian police have offered a $300,000 (50 million naira) reward to anyone who can help locate and rescue more than 200 abducted schoolgirls. They were kidnapped by Islamist Boko Haram militants from their boarding school in the northern town of Chibok on 14th April. Around 200 heavily armed militants arrived at night in 20 vehicles and kidnap the students.

The word “Boko Haram” in local Hausi language means “Western education is forbidden”. They started insurgency way back in 2009. These militants have been blamed for attack in one of another Nigerian town on Monday, in which around 300 people died. Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau threatened to sell the girls, saying that they should not have been in school rather they should have got married.

Six telephone numbers are being provided, and general public is urged to be "a part of the solution to the present security challenge". To ensure safety of the informers, confidentiality is assured by the authorities. On Sunday, 11 more girls were kidnapped when two villages were attacked by the militants near their forest hideout in Borno.

The US has sent a team to Nigeria to find the 200 abducted schoolgirls. US President Barack Obama said that the team comprised personnel from military, law enforcement and other agencies. He described the abduction as ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘outrageous’. He also hoped that the entire international community will take action against the Boko Haram.

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