When PM Modi Made Rahul Gandhi Smile

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Let bygones be bygones! That seems to be the mantra of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since Day 1, he has been making all the right moves. The manner in which Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was greeted by the new prime minister struck a chord with everyone.

The central hall of Parliament was witnessed to the bonhomie. PM Narendra Modi exchanged pleasantries with his bitter political adversary Rahul Gandhi by warmly grabbing his hand.

After the recent campaign hostilities, the exchange of greetings between Modi and Rahul caught the attention of everybody. The heat and dust of electoral politics was interspersed with frequent barbs of Narendra Modi at the Gandhi family.

While referring Rahul as ‘Shehzada’ all through the campaigning, Modi was unrelenting in his attack on ‘maa-beta ki sarkar’. For turning his grand vision into reality, all political parties must join hands; and Modi knows it well. By holding his hand warmly, Modi brought a smile on Rahul Gandhi’s face.

A nice beginning has been made. One hopes that the camaraderie sustains, and zooms India ahead.

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