US Returns to Iraq, Launches Attacks against ISIS

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US fighter jets and drones repeatedly bombed Sunni Islamic extremists in northern Iraq on August 8, targeting what officials described as ISIS artillery units and convoys advancing on the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil.The airstrikes ramped up America’s involvement in Iraq where ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State (IS), is seizing control of towns and key infrastructure in an advance that has forced hundreds of thousands to run for their lives.The critical Mosul Dam is now in the hands of ISIS fighters, authorities said, while 150 hundred miles to the east tens of thousands of Iraq’s minority Yazidis were trapped on a mountain by ISIS fighters below who vowed to kill them.The airstrikes began just hours after President Barack Obama authorised “targeted airstrikes”, saying in a televised address on August 7 that the United States had an obligation to protect its personnel in Iraq and prevent a potential genocide of minority groups by ISIS. But Obama insisted that there will be no build-up of US combat troops in Iraq. “As commander in chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq,” the President said.

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