Obama’s Phone Call to Modi Set the Tone: US Envoy Stephens

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America's interim Ambassador Kathleen Stephens heaped praise on the phone call which President Barack Obama made to Narendra Modi post his massive electoral victory, for the mending of ties between the US and the BJP leader.

In 2005, Mr Modi was denied a visa by the US, which cited human rights violations during the 2002 riots in Gujarat. However, things started changing at the beginning of the year with US Ambassador Nancy Powell visiting Mr Modi at his residence in Gandhinagar in February.

"You know that President Barack Obama called up Prime Minister elect even before he was sworn in to congratulate him and extend an invitation and I think that set the tone," Ms Stephens said.

Mr Modi will meet President Obama in Washington in September. In the last few weeks, top US officials including Secretary of State John Kerry have travelled to Delhi to meet with the PM and his administration.

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