Here Comes India's Muscular Foreign Policy - 'Panchamrit'


In what could be an expression of its advocacy of muscular foreign policy, the BJP expressed concerns over the conflicts in the Middle East and parts of Africa and exhorted the Narendra Modi government to work with ‘democratic and civilised world’ towards the elimination of ‘terrorist militia and their sponsors’ anywhere across the world.

The resolution on foreign policy adopted by the BJP National Executive at Bengaluru did not mince words about its concerns regarding ‘illegitimate and dangerous ISIS’ as well as the ‘shadow armies and Jehadists’ causing global conflicts to exhort Modi government to work for their elimination ‘wherever they may be’.

"Bharat cannot be immune to the toxic fumes of war that have engulfed vast stretches in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Governments have lost control and shadow armies and Jehadists are running amok. This is also a battle between the proponents of faith-supremacy and those committed to faith-pluralism. Bharat cannot be impervious to a crisis that could threaten the promise of the 21st century as an era of peaceful economic growth. We must continue to work in partnership with the democratic and civilised world to eliminate terrorist militias and their sponsors wherever they may be," the Foreign Policy resolution urged the Modi government.

The resolution, in this context, underlined how Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘threw his support behind the East Asia Summit declaration on the illegitimate and dangerous ISIS’ that called for international partnership against it.

The resolution sought to suggest that the Modi government has pursued a muscular and robust foreign policy and praised the prime minister's ‘will to speak clearly on our security interests and defend them robustly’ on global issues.

To buttress its undertone, the resolution highlighted how the Modi government has not only acted firmly against provocations from across the LoC with Pakistan but also has not hesitated to stress for tranquillity at the borders with China.

"We have responded firmly and appropriately to provocations on the border/Line of Control (with Pakistan) and threats of infiltration and terrorism," the resolution highlighted claiming that the Indian side ‘emphasised that maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the border areas was a pre-requisite for continued growth of bilateral relations’ during Special Representative level talks with China recently.

That security remained top on the priority of the Modi government's foreign policy was also emphasised by drawing attention to the ‘new policy thrust in our maritime neighbourhood’ to ensure ‘maritime security’ for the country whether through engagements in the Indian Ocean region.

"New thrust has been added in our maritime neighbourhood in the Indian Ocean region, which is critical to our security. The visit of our prime minister to Seychelles, Mauritius and Sri Lanka in February this year enhanced the stability and prosperity of littoral states in our region," the resolution highlighted reminding that the Prime Minister ‘echoed the concerns of other countries in the Indo-Pacific region’ by highlighting the issue of the ‘South China Sea’.

It also sought to stress the BJP's emphasis on promoting the cultural and civilisational virtues of mentioning the country as ‘Bharat’ about 60 times in place of India in the entire resolution. The resolution claimed that ‘Bharat has emerged as the Pole Star - Dhruv Tara - of the democratic world’ under the leadership of Narendra Modi and sought to present ‘Panchamrit’ as new guiding philosophy of the saffron government in Delhi.

"Samman - dignity and honour; Samvad - greater engagement and dialogue; Samriddhi - shared prosperity; Suraksha - regional and global security; and Sanskriti evam Sabhyata - cultural and civilisational linkages; these five themes have become the ‘Panchamrit’ - new pillars of our foreign policy," the resolution highlighted in an apparent attempt to overshadow the famed ‘Panchsheel’ of the Nehru era. The resolution, in this context, skipped any mention of Palestine (or even Israel) that has been one of the touchstones of the Indian foreign policy vis a vis Middle East Asia. Even the neigbouring Afghanistan failed to find specific mention in the resolution. The resolution drafted by RSS pracharak and party general secretary Ram Madhav was moved by senior party leader Venkaiah Naidu for adoption.

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