Hillary May Announce Presidential Campaign Soon


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is likely to make an official announcement of her 2016 presidential campaign as early as this weekend. She is expected to make the announcement via video message and social media as she begins her long-expected second shot at the presidential run-off, New York Daily News reported.

Sources in the Clinton orbit said they were expecting an early announcement but would not confirm a report in the New York Daily News that the announcements were expected on Sunday.

The focus on digital communication is seen as an attempt to connect with young voters, who Clinton needs to become American's first woman president.

The Guardian newspaper reported that Clinton would make her announcement on Twitter on Sunday while headed to the early voting state of Iowa, followed up by email and video announcements.

Her campaign is expected to concentrate on making the 67-year-old former first lady relatable to ordinary Americans. Clinton spent four years jetting to foreign capitals as Obama's first-term secretary of state but has had limited day-to-day contact with everyday Americans.

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