Modi's 3-Nation Trip will Bolster India's 'Link West' Diplomacy: Chinese Daily


The visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to France, Germany and Canada is part of New Delhi's efforts to bolster its ‘Link West’ policy, a leading English daily of China stated.

"In an effort to bolster his 'Link West' diplomacy, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicks off his maiden visit to Europe since assuming office in May last year, with stops at France and Germany before he travels to Canada," the Global Times, known for its sharp views on India, said in an op-ed piece headlined ‘Modi's warm reception in Europe marks slow steps toward India's emergence’.

The article is based on an interview with Zhao Gancheng, Director of South Asia Studies at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies.

"As the pragmatic prime minister is eager to boost the country's stagnant economy, his primary goal is bringing forward India's economic and trade ties with these countries and attracting investment to India, which is short of capital, by advertising India's investment climate during the nine-day trip," it stated.

Zhao is of the view that 'France and Germany, financially powerful and with big sway in Europe, are reasonable choices for starting a tour of the 28-member (European Union) bloc'.

"India has no substantial grudges or divergences on political issues with the three countries, but bilateral relationships with them have long maintained aloof as their attention is seldom given to the emerging country apart from regular meetings," the article stated.

"Therefore, Modi hopes to improve the ties and lift them to a higher and more mature level, although what he wants more is to intensify the bilateral economic and trade ties."

As for the business and economic aspect of Modi's three-nation tour, it stated: "The next two years is critical for India as the economy is predicted to grow by 8.1-8.5 percent in the 2015-16 financial year despite the global economic slowdown, and in the process foreign investment is critical. Once the prediction is realised, it will send an encouraging message to the Western countries."

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