'ISIS Emerged as a Cause of Grave Concern'


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj called for united action in order to defeat Islamic State as she addressed the Asian African Summit at Jakarta. The terror group had emerged as a cause of grave concern, said the minister.

She also said maritime security was a matter of concern. “As we embark upon the concept of 'Blue Economy' as a new pillar of development, it becomes even more important to secure our seas," according to reports.

Talking about the issue of reform of the UN Security Council and other global institutions, she said both Asia and Africa were "in consonance". "Asian and African countries need to make sustained efforts to reform the United Nations, revitalise the UN General Assembly and expand the membership of the UN Security Council," she said. She stressed on the need for "more cohesive action on this" and added that "India is ready to play its due role in the new world order".

"A reformed and expanded UN Security Council, taking into account the current global realities, will significantly increase representation of Asia and Africa in the UN Security Council," she added.

On the threat of terrorism, she said the rise of extremist violence and terrorism was "one of the most disturbing security phenomena and several parts of our two continents are victim to a medley of terrorist groups", according to reports.

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