Brexit - Letting Britain Take Back Control


Voters in Britain now have the chance to hold its undemocratic and unaccountable institutions to account by voting to leave the EU. I believe we can only safeguard Britain’s future by once again becoming a genuinely sovereign country, with British laws being made in the British Parliament in the interests of the British people.

Britain's future will be in the hands of millions of voters on June 23 in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU).

For 41 years, the British public have been denied a referendum on Europe, and their say on the powers and money that Brussels has taken from us. Over that time, the EU has taken Britain on a car journey its people never wanted to go on. It has taken more powers from Britain, it has undermined our democracy by overruling the decisions we make, and it has taken away more of our money.

Voters in Britain now have the chance to hold its undemocratic and unaccountable institutions to account by voting to leave the EU. I believe we can only safeguard Britain’s future by once again becoming a genuinely sovereign country, with British laws being made in the British Parliament in the interests of the British people.

Remaining in the EU and subject to its rules will leave Britain vulnerable to economic ruin. We only need to look to southern Europe to see the date, and the job wrecking machine the EU has become.

Once proud nations such as Greece, Spain and Italy are hit with some of the highest unemployment rates in the developed world; over half of all young people in Greece out of work. This crisis has happened because the EU's economic policies and political projects have heaped misery on these populations.

It is a crisis made in Brussels and one that we cannot afford to see repeated in Britain. Remaining in the EU will mean democracy in Britain will continue to be undermined, with our country subjected to the supremacy of EU law and the European Court of Justice.

Unelected and unaccountable judges and bureaucrats will continue to have the power to meddle in our laws and overrule the decisions that democratically elected politicians have made in our Parliament.

Now is the time to show the EU that the British public cannot be treated like fools.

We can see through the spin, propaganda, and abuses of taxpayers’ money for endless self-serving vanity projects that are not in our democratic, economic or national interest.

But there is a better way. Following a vote to leave, Britain will be able to untangle the labyrinth of EU laws and regulations that have held our country back.

We will be free to make our own laws and to negotiate a fair and new trade deal with Europe that defends our interests. Alongside a new UK-EU partnership based on free trade and friendly cooperation, we will be able to reach out to our friends in the Commonwealth including India, the US and other emerging markets.

Our international voice will once again be heard in its own right on international bodies such as the World Trade Organisation. Free from the protectionist and anti-market sentiments of some in Europe, we will be able to seek and secure new trading opportunities.

This will enhance our position as a major global power. British businesses strangled by billions of pounds worth of red tape and regulations being imposed on them by Brussels will also be better off by Britain leaving the EU.

The damage that a number of EU measures are causing to this country’s businesses is blindingly obvious. At a time when economic growth and job creation are so important, regulation and red tape emanating from Brussels is costing businesses and families billions of pounds.

By restoring our sovereignty and powers in these areas, we can set sensible policies that support businesses and free them to invest in jobs and growth. Leaving the EU will also mean that Britain will once again be able to decide how our taxes are spent. Importantly, we will no longer have to pay a massive membership subscription fee to Brussels.

Just think of the services we could pay for, new infrastructure we could build and taxes that could be cut with that money. Instead of sending £350 million a week to Brussels for the EU to waste on its over-bloated bureaucracy, inefficient and ineffective projects and its self-promoting propaganda machine, the money could be reinvested here in Britain. Our money will be spent on our priorities. Our country has paid a high price and our sovereignty has been undermined. We have Europe meddling in our affairs, taking billions of pounds from the hard-pressed British taxpayer.

From Land’s End to John O’Groats, an independent Britain would be able to use its taxpayers’ money to invest in its own infrastructure and development projects.

We will no longer have to go to EU bureaucrats with a begging bowl to seek permission to spend our money on regional infrastructure and development projects.

An independent and sovereign Britain will be able to control our borders once again. This means that we can introduce a new immigration system that allows people into Britain based on merit and the skills they offer and not on the basis of the passport that they carry. We will be able to bring in talented individuals from across the world instead of being forced to take anyone in from the EU.

By controlling our borders without interference from Brussels, we can also protect ourselves from dangerous foreign criminals and terrorists. A Britain free from the EU is a safer, more secure country.

The control that we need, and that the public expects, can only be achieved by leaving the EU.

Those who are campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU have sought to frighten the public about this country’s ability to stand on its own two feet. They have talked down our great country and put out frightening scare stories. We have heard the same people who campaigned for the UK to become a member of the Euro say we should remain.

The same people who opposed a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty say we should remain. And the same people who would sign the UK up to any deal, surrender more power to Brussels and give up the rebate are saying we should remain. They were wrong in the past and their judgment is flawed again.

By scaremongering the public and trying to frighten them to vote to remain, they are talking down our economic prospects and have no confidence in the ingenuity and entrepreneurialism that is vibrant and dynamic across the country.

Being free from the EU means that Britain can look forward with confidence as a strong, independent and sovereign nation. We will be free from the shackles of the EU’s institutions and its army of unaccountable bureaucrats and judges meddling in our affairs.

We are a strong and confident country; and voting to leave the EU will set us on the path for peace and prosperity in the 21st Century - and will let the British people take back control.

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